Sunday, 3 June 2007

Brewday Sunday 3 June - Fledgling Bitter

I am already very pleased with how the first batch of Fledgling Bitter is turning out so on Sunday I brewed a slightly smaller (23L) batch, this one is destined for the Cornie Keg (18L) and Bottles (5L).

No Pictures for this brew unfortunately.

4050gm Marris Otter Grain 94.6%
230gm Crystal Malt Grain 5.4 %
50gm Challenger [aa 6.80%] (90 min) 37.6 IBU
23gm Styrian Goldings [aa 2.00%] (15 min) 2.4 IBU
9gm Oregon Fuggles [4.90%] (15 min) 2.3 IBU
5gm Irish Moss (Boil 15.0 min)
66 degree mash for 90 mins and 90 minute boil

All went well except for forgetting i'd left the tap running into the boiler to clean it and flooded the kitchen (a bit) and falling asleep during the mash so it ended up at 2 hours not 90 minutes!

Efficiency was up to 86.3 for this brew! Maybe it was the longer mash? It is currently in the garage fermenting away at a reasonable 19 degrees, which is great concidering the hot weather we are having now.

Update to follow.