Monday, 28 May 2007

Double Brewday - Monday 28 May 2007

On Monday 28th May in order to keep up with supply and demand I decided that it was time to do a double brewday, 2 5 gallon batches.

Batch 1 - Mr Grumpy Bum

I'm hoping that this will be a nice rich deep coloured bitter.

Target OG 1041 EBU 40
90 Min mash at 66 degrees C
4130gm Pale Malt (MO) Grain 91%
410gm Crystal Malt 9%
90 min boil
80gm Fuggles [AA 4.90%] (90 min) 40.2 IBU
25gm Styrian Goldings [AA 2.00%] (15 min)

Batch 2 - Styrian Stunner

This one should be a very light and very hoppy summer ale.

Stunner Target OG 1043 EBU 43
90 min mash at 66 degrees C
4750gm Pale Malt (MO) 100%
90 min boil
46gm Challenger [AA 6.80%] (90 min) 31.6 IBU
42gm Styrian Goldings [AA 2.00%] (90 min) 8.5 IBU
30gm Styrian Goldings [AA 2.00%] (15 min) 3.1 IBU
45gm Styrian Goldings [2.00%] (0 min) (At Power Off for 1hr)
15.00 gm Styrian Goldings [2.00%] (Dry Hop In Cask)

Here are a few pictures from the day:

(Left) Is the mash underway for Batch 1 Mr Grumpy Bum (MGB) this was covered and insulated. (Right) Sparging the grains at the end of the mash.

(Left) Is the initial run-off from the mash tun into the boiler for Batch 1 (Right) is the final volume collected in the boiler (25L) following the run-off and sparging, very pleased with the colour of this one.

(Left) The Batch 1 boil underway with the bittering hops swirling around (Right) Cooling the wort quickly with the IC (Immersion Cooler) after the boil.

(Left) The yeast starter getting going (Right) The first runnings from the Styrian Stunner mash, very pale compared to Batch 1.

(Left) Bittering hops going into the Styrian Stunner (Right) The result, 2 x 5 Gallon batches into fermentors, it was a long and quite tiring day in total it took 12 hours from 6am to 6pm! Now thats dedication! Both of these fermented out quite quickly and were kegged on Monday 4th June, Batch 1 Mr Grumpy Bum ended up at 3.9% abv and The Styrian Stunner ended up at 4.6% abv. Both are now conditioning and i'll be able to report back on how they have turned out in a few weeks! For the record the efficiency for the brews are Batch 1 73.8% and Batch 2 79.1% so not bad.