Friday, 6 April 2007

My First Ever All Grain Brew - Wezerection Easter Ale

This brew was my first ever attempt at an all grain brew I set about on a day of messing up the kitchen, garage and generally getting under feet and taking over the house, the end result if I do say so myself was well worth it. The picture on the right is the finished product, it had a bit of chill haze when served at 13 degrees from the beer fridge but tasted loveley!

Brewlength : 25 Litres

5 KG Pale Malt M.O
250g Crystal Malt
Mash Liquor 13L (based on 2.5L per KG)
Mash Time 90 mins Mash Temp 65 degrees
Boil Time 90 mins
30g Northern Brewer (full boil)
25g Challenger (full boil)
10g Challenger (last 15 mins)
50g Dried Elderflower (last 15 mins)
1 tsp irish moss (last 15 mins)
Gervin English Ale Yeast (11g)
Some photos of this brew: